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Ecological Mitigation

Ecological Mitigation

What is ecological mitigation?

Ecological mitigation are actions that are undertaken to prevent loss of biodiversity or harm to species and habitats throughout a development or activity, or actions that create new opportunities for species as a result of habitat loss elsewhere.   Some examples of mitigation may include

  • Creation of habitats on or off site to mitigate loss of existing features
  • Enhancing retained habitat by installing bird and bat boxes or implementing good habitat management
  • Ensuring appropriate sediment management is in place during construction operation to protect watercourses
  • Excluding bats from buildings scheduled to be demolished and rehoming them in alternative roost sites in buildings or on trees
  • Carefully removing protected fauna such as natterjack toad from terrestrial habitats using a range of trapping methods and relocating them to alternative sites (sometimes referred to as Translocation)
  • Excluding badgers from existing badger setts and creating new setts
  • When do I need to get in touch?

In many cases if you have appointed EcoÉireann to undertake an ecological assessment process we will have advised you at the earliest possible stage of any mitigation requirements, their timing and, logistics of implementation. However, if you have identified requirements for mitigation through other documentation or advice we can support you in implementing the appropriate mitigation measures.

If you have been asked to undertake recommendations or to mitigate for a species or habitat, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity and we can help you through the process.  Many mitigation schemes take some time to agree with statutory bodies and are highly seasonally restricted, so an early discussion is recommended.

How can EcoEireann help me?

We have an excellent record of delivering mitigation schemes for a range of protected species including bats, reptiles, badger, otter, breeding and overwintering birds.

We can assess your requirements and look at what you need for your site based on your planning conditions. Our professional and dedicated ecologists and land management team will then be able to deliver your requirements and support keeping your project on track.