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Habitat Management for Film & Events

Ireland has a vast expanses of open space, rugged hills, and mountainous terrain. Beautiful to visit, Ireland is also appealing to film crews and event management teams. EcoÉireann have had opportunities to work with film crews and event management teams in an advisory and practical capacity. Many of the remote, hilly sites are designated sites for habitats and species that may be found within them, therefore EcoÉireann can be engaged to check the site and develop mitigation plans for working within these sensitive habitats with minimal disturbance to designated features within.

When do I need to get in touch?

If you are a film crew / location manager or event coordinator looking to carry out work in within or adjacent to designated or sensitive habitats, please get in touch. EcoÉireann will be able to assist with planning conditions or advice from a local authority or government about working within habitats that may be sensitive.

We recommend that consideration of biodiversity and potential requirements for habitat management are included at the onset of project development. If it is considered from the start, the likelihood of success is much higher.

How can EcoÉireann help me?

EcoÉireann has a wealth of experience in working in designated and sensitive habitats as well as integrating management for biodiversity into proposals. We also have a proven track record of work with location managers for both the film and event industry and thus have a good understanding of your working practices, schedules and challenges, which enables us to offer a pragmatic service, sensitive to both your needs and the locations itself.