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Ecological Impact Assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment, EIA

What is an Ecological Impact Assessment?

Projects that require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will need to incorporate an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) within the overall appraisal. An EcIA may also be required as part of other forms of assessment.

The service identifies and evaluates the potential impacts of a development or project on a site, its surrounds and any nearby ecologically sensitive areas. It will also include measures to mitigate, monitor and enhance areas as part of the project.

When do I need to get in touch?

Ecological Impact Assessment is a primary function of the EcoÉireann team. Consideration of ecological effects is recommended at an early stage in any project, so if you are unsure as to what you require, simply get in touch with us and we can explain the level of assessment that is likely to be required.

We undertake ecological assessments on a variety of projects, from small scale house building to national infrastructure schemes. We have considerable experience of consideration of ecological constraints on full EIA projects for large complex schemes such as highways, renewable energy schemes, aggregates, port developments and coal extraction.

How can EcoÉireann help me?

We can help at all stages of any project, including supporting you at the EIA screening stage. We help to define the scope of any ecological input into EIA projects and deliver a full suite of ecological surveys and technical reports to inform ecology chapters of Environmental Statements. Whether it’s targeted bat surveys, bird surveys, white-clawed crayfish or any other form of protected species or habitat surveying, EcoÉireann is capable of fulfilling any ecological survey effort required to report within an EIA. We prepare detailed ecology input to Environmental Statements in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) guidance and best practice.