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EcoEirann recognises that the collection of survey information is not always straightforward and innovative solutions are needed to overcome barriers that tight delivery schedules, access and development scale can pose. This insight has been the primary driver for the collaborative partnership between EcoEirann and HiDef & BioConsult SH; the UK’s market leader in high-resolution digital aerial offshore and onshore wildlife surveys.

Herring gull, Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey, Marine Survey, Dolphin, Collaborative

HiDef uses the latest imaging technologies to form its bespoke ultra-high-resolution digital video camera system capable of achieving on-the-ground pixel sizes as small as 0.5cm. This combined with its unique use of moving images to give accurate, precise and scientifically robust identification of species and their abundance for a range of marine and terrestrial wildlife. This system is used from a survey aircraft, rather than a drone and uses the UK’s most carbon-efficient survey aircraft, a key consideration when supporting sustainable development and conservation. HiDef collect, interpret, plot, analyse, map and model data and present it in industry leading formats to support you clients through the environmental challenges of the development process, from start to finish, and foresee and mitigate challenges and obstacles.

HiDef, Aerial Survey

This collaborative partnership led to the successful completion of a commercial-scale aerial Phase 1 habitat style survey over a large site in North East England with a challenging schedule for delivery and access restrictions. The approach of undertaking aerial phase 1 habitat survey supported by ground truthing by EcoEirann’s Ecologists was agreed with the statutory authority for the project. Predefined strip transects were flown at a non-intrusive height over the site, objects were then identified, and data analysed by professional ecologists at HiDef’s offices in Cumbria and quality assured by the EcoEirann team. Several terabytes (TB) of ecological data was collated, analysed and safely stored for future review.

By using the result from the aerial survey EcoEirann was able to review the results of the aerial phase 1 habitat survey on the ground focussing on key areas and proof habitat conditions on the ground, and where necessary carry out targeted species-specific surveys. The combination of aerial and ground based surveys provided project efficiencies over a large-scale scheme while ensuring necessary detail could be obtained.

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