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Protected Species & Habitat Surveys

Protected Wildlife

Ireland has a suite of protected sites that are designated for the habitats and species found within them. These habitats and species are designated under EU legislation and Ireland has a requirement to protect those which may be rare, threatened or declining both in Ireland and throughout Europe.

EcoÉireann is highly experienced in carrying out surveys and mitigation to ensure that any development or project complies with relevant legislation to ensure that no harm or damage is done to these habitat or species during and after works.

We undertake regular Continual Professional Development courses to ensure that the team is kept up to date on changes in legislation, survey methodology and guidelines giving our clients confidence that the work that will be prepared will be in line with current regulations and best practice

EcoÉireann preliminary checks to a site to ascertain the potential of a protected species or habitat being present such as bats, badger, otter, salmonid fish, lamprey, white-clawed crayfish, blanket bog, ancient woodland etc. We are experienced in undertaking a range of protected species and detailed habitat surveys from bats to badgers to butterflies.

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