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How We Do It

Ecological assessments,Environmental Clerk, protected species

This is how we do it

We are a highly professional and skilled team, with a track record of obtaining Wildife Licences in Ireland to work with protected species.

EcoÉireann has specialist knowledge in carrying out surveys and compiling mitigation and enhancement plans to ensure sensitive species and habitats are not damaged or destroyed during and after works. This is complimented by our excellent working relationship with State Agencies such as NPWS and IFI which enables us to support your project with the correct advice.

Our pragmatic approach is highly valued by our clients; ensuring that your projects are legally compliant with respect to Wildlife Law without compromising work schedules and programmes.

EcoÉireann has the support of the UK award-winning EcoNorth team as well as local Ireland-based Associates enabling us to dedicate both correct resource and local knowledge to your project. This combined experience and specialisms ensures that you have a professional and robust service that meets your needs.

EcoÉireann regularly attend Continual Professional Development events in Ireland and the UK to ensure that the team are up to date on the relevant legalisation and survey methodologies that you will require for your work. Team members are members of the Chartered Institute of Environment and Ecological Management (CIEEM) which acts as a regulatory body of professional conduct and actions.