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White-Clawed Crayfish

White-Clawed Crayfish, White-clawed Crayfish, WCC, Survey


White-clawed crayfish are protected under:

  • The Wildlife Act 1976
  • The Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000

When do I need to get in touch?

Any work to a river or that affects a river, or any work proposed to occur within, or in close proximity to, a river should be assessed to determine if white-clawed crayfish are present.  An assessment for the potential of white-clawed crayfish presence can be undertaken as a standalone survey or as part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal.

If a river has potential to support white-clawed crayfish, surveys may be required to determine presence and/or population status before works can commence.

To prevent delays in your project, it’s important to get in touch as early as possible as white-clawed crayfish surveys are highly seasonal.

How can EcoÉireann help me?

We can provide you on with advice on white-clawed crayfish protection and your options. We undertake all types of white-clawed crayfish surveys, licencing and mitigation. We apply best practice guidelines, along with our in-depth knowledge of white-clawed crayfish and habitat requirements, then present the results in our detailed professional reports to inform and support your project’s planning application or other consenting process.

White-clawed crayfish surveys are undertaken from April to October (May to June to be avoided).