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More than Ecological Consultancy

EcoEireann works with a select few specialist companies who are renowned in their own field, have a reputation for delivering excellent services and share the EcoEireann ethos of delivering pragmatic solutions to their clients.

The purpose of establishing collaborative partnerships with fellow consulting companies is two-fold and client-driven. Firstly, it allows our clients to access the many disciplines/survey types their development may require through a single trustworthy point of contact and, secondly, it allows us to offer innovative solutions to the many challenges that our clients’ projects can face in the most cost-effective manner.

This collaborative partnership approach to project delivery enables EcoEireann to add value to the services that we offer across a suite of disciplines by offering smart resource planning and a greater understanding of the environment in which a development is being undertaken.

If you are interested in becoming a collaborating partner with EcoEireann please get in touch; we are always interested in ensuring we have innovative solutions to offer our clients.