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Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies

Kent Wildlife Trust

Working together to Deliver the Complete Ecology Package

From its origins as part of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, EcoNorth shares many of the same values as Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies which, along with the skills and expertise of EcoNorth staff, made this collaboration so appealing. These shared values include working for the protection and enhancement of wildlife, whilst delivering an excellent customer service and ensuring that best practice is followed for all work that EcoNorth and Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies deliver.

Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies have been a successful and effective department of Kent Wildlife Trust for over twenty years, and have developed an impressive portfolio of work in the Kent area. Together, EcoNorth and Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies are collaborating to offer a wide range of marine and coastal consultancy services across the country, from conducting Habitat Regulations Assessments to the creation of mitigation plans, and education and training packages.

As well as these services, there are a number of ecological surveys available for clients, including marine mammal and ornithology surveys, intertidal biotope mapping, scoping surveys, and invasive species monitoring. Clients will benefit from this collaboration as together EcoNorth and Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies are able to tailor the services on offer to meet individual client requirements. Clients will be safe in the knowledge that the work carried out will follow best environmental practice and will be of the highest standard, whether this be for a large or small scale contract.

Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies worked closely with EcoNorth to undertake a bird disturbance survey at a coastal National Nature Reserve in Kent. This collaborative contract used experience gained from previous work, as well as local knowledge and resources to create a robust, repeatable methodology for measuring the types of anthropocentric disturbance faced by birds and the impact this is having on their populations. The survey was conducted over a two year period and was carried out by trained, experienced ornithologists from both EcoNorth and Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancies. The proposed survey incorporated the monitoring of overwintering bird populations, and provided valuable data for the effective management and future protection of the area.