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EcoÉireann is experienced in working with developers throughout Ireland and in the UK to assist with the establishment and management of solar farms. Offering a range of services to our clients throughout the planning process and beyond, we ensure legal compliance alongside wildlife protection and enhancement.

EcoÉireann carrys out Preliminary Ecological Assessments (PEA) of a proposed site to ascertain the habitats and species that informs the baseline assessment of protected habitats or species found, or likely to be found. It will recommend whether further surveys and/or assessment are required and forms the basis of the habitat management plan.

Our team of experts is able to deliver the full suite of protected species and habitat surveys for both land and water environments, the results of which will be reported in a format that will satisfy both planning application requirements and any assessment required.

We will carry out appropriate assessment screening for the development if it is required by the local authority. This will provide the competent authority with enough information to ascertain whether the proposed plan or project will have a Likely Significant Effect (LSE) on Natura 2000 sites.

Finally, we recommend drawing up a habitat management plan that is used to satisfy the planning conditions.  This has the twin aims of allowing the farm to operate unimpeded and enhancing biodiversity onsite over a longer time frame.