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EcoÉireann, Ecology Consultancy to the Stars!

Vikings was a global hit TV historical drama series running from 2013 to 2020. It was filmed on location in County Wicklow. The scale of the on-location filming operations was large, with hundreds of cast and crew, horses and other livestock and large machinery, support services and special effects. The production needed dramatic, wild and natural locations and as such, these locations were often on or close to designated sites often within the Wicklow Mountains SAC/SPA.

Each filming operation associated with a designated site could be very different from the last and each required an individual approach to ecological assessment and advice. All included Appropriate Assessment Screening at the very least.

The sets, equipment and operational approach could change quickly, sometimes on the day itself, and in more sensitive locations or with larger more complex operations this could require ecological supervision to ensure no impacts to the sensitive sites.

EcoÉireann carried out a range of services for Vikings from Appropriate Assessment Screening reports to liaison with statutory agencies and onsite Ecological Clerk of Works.

Typically, ecological advice on the day meant an ecologist being present in advance of and throughout filming and checking for clear up afterwards.

How we helped our client achieve their objectives: The Vikings team was keen to have no negative ecological and environmental impact to ensure that they were welcomed back on all sites in future and could achieve a positive environmental reputation. They worked closely with the EcoÉireann team to achieve this. An ecologist onsite during filming could help to get across the need for careful route planning for access, mark and warden areas that may be ecologically sensitive and provide advice to the production team or director on whether a change to a filming plan needed further scrutiny. The dynamic environment of TV production needed a flexible and creative approach to solution finding and our experienced team provided this. EcoÉireann helped Vikings by providing ecological advice, learning about the filming operations to enable the locations and operations to be well chosen and sensitively sited to avoid the risk of impacts. Our team included personnel based in County Wicklow and they were able to respond quickly and in person. Fast response times, ingenuity and flexibility are important in the film industry and close working with the locations team built a strong understanding of the needs of film and TV productions.

Project Start & End Date 2016 – 2017
Client Vikings DAC
Location Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow